Huawei x Devialet Sound X Speaker

As much as we love the design and sound of Devialet speakers, we are put off by the prices. Seriously, not many consumers will be willing to part with four figures for a wireless speaker. Especially given the alternatives we have today.

While some of us are clamoring for a Devialet, folks over in China will be able to buy one for very much less – thanks to a collaboration between Huawei and Devialet. Granted it is not “pure breed” Devialet, so to speak, but it is at least a premium speaker co-designed by Devialet.

Huawei x Devialet Sound X Speaker

Called Sound X, this premium 360-degree speaker combines the best of the two companies, namely, high-fidelity audio by Devialet and connectivity and AI from Huawei. The design is somewhat controversial, though.

It looks like the love child of two of Apple products: HomePod and the last generation Mac Pro (AKA trash can Mac).

Huawei x Devialet Sound X Speaker

Features include 60 W dual subwoofer, a 6-driver setup to emanate 360-degree sound, Devialet’s speaker active matching (SMA) technology, 6 microphones for capturing voice commands, support for Huawei’s own voice assistant Xiaoyi, Huawei’s HiLink smart home control, and one-touch sound.

Huawei x Devialet Sound X Speaker is a China-only product. It probably will remain so. Considering how much Devialet cost, Sound X’s asking price of 1,999 Chinese yuan (which works out to be about US$285) is a compelling offer.

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That price is why we thought we will never see it outside of China. If it did appear outside of China, it will cannibalize Devialet’s market. I mean, 1,000+ versus under $300? It’s a no brainer which most buyers will be gunning for, am I right?

Images: Huawei [CH].