Belkin Soundform Elite: It Is A Smart Speaker And It Is Also A Wireless Charging Pad

One thing that Apple thought me was: never buy a speaker dock, ever. I was overly enthusiastic starting with iPhone 3G. Bought a JBL speaker dock with the 30-pin connector. It was used happily through iPhone 4 and then boom! iPhone 5 and Lightning connector…

Huawei Sound Is The Smaller Twin Of Huawei Sound X, Promised To Deliver Big Sound

The Huawei Sound X introduced late last year now has a little brother called Huawei Sound. Sound, like its bigger brother, is co-engineered with French audio technology company Devialet.

Huawei Premium 360 Speaker Is Essentially A Very Affordable Devialet Speaker

As much as we love the design and sound of Devialet speakers, we are put off by the prices. Seriously, not many consumers will be willing to part with four figures for a wireless speaker. Especially given the alternatives we have today.

Devialet Phantom Speaker System is Spherical, Has Imploding Lateral Wings to Create Thumping Bass

No. This is not a distance relative of Portal 2’s Wheatley, though it does bear some resemblance. What you are looking at is possibly the most advanced sound system to have been conceived by mankind. The Phantom, as it is called, is the brainchild of France-based Devialet, which reportedly took a decade of research to …