we don’t always need a tent when we are out in the wild. sometimes a good reliable hammock like the KAMMOK will do just fine for some good day/night rest. however, there’s a problem: elements like rain and extreme sun can render the hammock totally useless – unless baking under the sun or having a drenched sleep is your idea of a good rest. that’s why the KAMMOK team has come up with an awesome solution: the KAMMOK Glider Weather Relief Shelter. when the dude over at KAMMOK called the Glider a “revolutionary new product”, we got to hand it to them because the Glider isn’t just a portable shelter that shelters you from the rain and the heat, but it is also the world’s first to feature an integrated rainwater retention system. well, now that’s what we call a survival gear. and when you have celebrity survivalist like Bear Grylls putting some kind words to the Glider, you can be doubly sure, this is something any campers and/or survivalists need.

the Glider features patent-pending heat reflective technology that will keep you cool in scorching days and when you find yourself running out of drinkable water, its (also patent-pending) rain water harvesting functionality helps to collect the water necessary for your survival. the unique flying squirrel-shape shelter has natural catenary curves that offers added strength to the overall structure and is easy to pitch while providing multi-directional rain collection through the integrated water funnels, which can then be collected with flexible water bottles. assuming that the atmosphere isn’t tainted, you would be collecting fresh drinkable water, which needless to say, is totally awesome. you can get your KAMMOK Glider Weather Relief Shelter for $175 or more through the product’s Kickstarter page and expect delivery to be sometime this October. click past the jump for a few more look and a product pledge video.

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