If you ask any true coffee connoisseur, the ultimate in coffee enjoy is not the hot cuppa of joe churned out by your typical coffee machines; it is the good’ol fashion pour-over brew, but if you know coffee, you will also know how hard it is to get the perfect brew. Why? Obviously, not everyone has the knack of pulling off the ‘perfect’ pour-over coffee and it is also because of this reason that PERK exists. PERK is a super sleek, fully automative pour-over coffee machine that lets you achieve perfectly extracted coffee at the push of a button.

PERK Fully Automated Pour-over Coffee Machine

Clearly, this will be the coffee lover dream come true if it delivers what it promised because all the speculations and theories about how to make the perfect cuppa can stop and you can also save yourself the hassle of messing with cones and kettles. All you have to do is to add your preferred ground coffee, add water, hit the button, and depending on your preference, your perfect cuppa of pour-over joe will be ready from a minute to 24 hours. Also, if you desire, you can also dictate the temperature to maintain too. But if you really just want to have a cuppa like it was turned out by an experienced barista, then PERK will have covered regardless.

PERK Fully Automated Pour-over Coffee Machine

Perhaps as importantly as its ability to turn out the perfect brew is the maintenance of the machine, which, well, it virtually has none to deal with. So, yeah. There’s no maintenance required – thanks to the open boiler concept, there’s no need for descaling. All that it needs is a simple wash and/or wipe down after each use and it can be stash away until the next time you need to use it. As a boon, PERK can also deal with teas too. Just in case that’s what you fancy.

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If you are convinced that PERK is the ultimate pour-over machine missing in your life, you can join the 455 backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering a unit. Prices start at $174 and since the campaign is already funded, all there’s left to do after making the pledge is to wait for it to turn up at your door step sometime in February 2018.

PERK Fully Automated Pour-over Coffee Machine

Images courtesy of PERK.

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