A computer programmer with zero experience electronics has built himself a working iPhone 6s and for some reason, it feels like a heroic act to us. I mean, no freaking shit. He actually built a complete, like-new device from scratch! And yeah, the touch ID is working alright. The dude, whom we believe to be a person called Scotty Allen AKA Strange Parts, was a former software engineer who decided to take on the challenge of building a 16GB iPhone 6s from scratch and as part of his adventure, he hit up China’s famed Huaqiangbei, AKA ‘Silicon Valley of Hardware’, in Shenzhen, spending two months locating the parts and putting the device together.

How A Dude Made His Own iPhone In China
He finished off the project by picking up a box with all accessories and paper.

What makes this feat awe-inspiring is the fact this guy is not much of an electronic person. All his life he deal mostly with zeros and ones, and not tiny, intricate components that would require soldering. So, exactly how much he spent to construct a working 16GB iPhone 6s? Around $300, according to the horse’s mouth, but the thing is, he did had to procure a bunch of tools to work on the device and had had a bunch of extra parts hanging which he did not use at the end of the project. So, in all, he actually spent a lot more, like “well over $1,000” on those.

Obviously, it does not make any economical sense, but this adventure isn’t about dollars and cents; it is about finding out if it can be done which Allen has proved it can be done, well, as long as you are as bold as him and willing to immerse in the China’s Silicon Valley for a suitable amount of time. Also, it helps if you speak some Chinese too. Skip ahead to watch the entire proceeding compressed into a 24 minute awe-inspiring journey.

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Images: Scotty Allen/Strange Parts.

Strange Parts via Dudecomedy.

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