until everything single payment can be done by mobile phone, everyman will still need a wallet, but wallet it is, it needn’t to be bulky or wait, was it because we have the space in our regular sized wallet that we tend to bulk it up? either way, the idea is to go minimal so you will be happy that nothing is protruding out of your clothing and making you look awkward. the Band-it Extra Small Minimal Wallet by A. Magpoc Designs might just be the solution. granted there are a chockfull of minimalist wallets out there, but the Band-to stands as one that uses exclusively run-off leather from a manufacturer who crafts leather products for a “world famous motorcycle company”, which makes this little wallet a minimalist and yet somewhat ‘green’ wallet.

beyond that it has a slot that can accommodate up to 10 plastics and an elastic to hold everything together. heck, you could even hook a bunch of keys with your carabiner to it and as witnessed in the video after the break, even a skinny lip palm. basically, like most minimal wallet, you could have everything you need less the unsightly bulge. available in three leather options: black, black dot, and brown, for $13 each.

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