Knives are not just functional tools. They are collectibles too. And by collectibles, I mean knives that you will probably never use to cut. Like, would use a knife that costs, say, 5,000 bucks, to cut anything? Probably not. And yes, there is a knife that cost that much.

Marfione Custom Microtech Hallo III Mini Prototype

In fact, it costs over US$10,000 to be precise because it is being sold as a set of two. Folks, this is the Marfione Custom Microtech Hallo III Mini Prototype. TBH, I have no idea why it is so expensive.

Marfione Custom Microtech Hallo III Mini Prototype comes in a pair. Both are knives have tanto-style blades with one in mirror-polished Bohler M390 steel while the other in Vegas-forged “Herringbone” pattern Damascus steel.

Each knife features a cool push-button for the snappy deployment of the blade and a black-anodized alloy handle, complete with jimping and contouring for easy handling, just like you would find on full-size models.

Marfione Custom Microtech Hallo III Mini Prototype

Oh, right. About the size… we failed to mention that these knives are tiny. Like, super-duper tiny. It has a puny 2-inch (5 cm) blade and the overall length is mere 4.625 inches (11.7 cm).

While these are prototypes, they are far from being half-baked products. The fact that each knife comes with its own carbon fiber case with the Marfione dagger logo makes you wonder if they are really prototype types.

In any case, the Marfione Custom Microtech Hallo III Mini Prototype is not for the faint of heart, or should I say, not for anyone without 10,000 dollars to spare because a pair commands a cool US$10,000+.

Marfione Custom Microtech Hallo III Mini Prototype

Yup. Believe it. That price is more than the comically huge, sword-size switchblade knife the company made 8 years ago.

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Fret not if don’t have 10K lying around because Eknives is selling a pre-owned set for US$8,500 if anyone’s interested. Or if you have ‘just’ 4K to drop, the non-prototype is going for US$3,500US$3,850. What a steal. Or maybe not. It is safe to say that these knives from Marfione Custom Knives are for super serious collectors who have the financial muscle to flex.

Marfione Custom Microtech Hallo III Mini Prototype

Images: Marfione Custom.

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