A couple of decades ago, firearms were not as accessible as today and therefore, switchblade or similar knives are the self-defense weapon of choice (most notably among the greasers). But that was those days when duck tail hairdos or mullet was the ‘in’ thing. Wait. You mean mullet is still in these days? never mind.

Anyway, fast forward to today, switchblades have attained the collectible status and so, they are probably not something you would bring around on daily basis. Speaking of collectibles, your switchblade collection won’t be complete with giant-ass Marfione Custom Halo V 3X – 32″ Switchblade. Developed in collaboration with Pete Athens and Walter Brend, the Halo V 3X – 32″ Switchblade is, as its name implies, three times the size of a regular Halo V.

Other then the size, it looks and function exactly like its regular size counterpart. Features include a black anodized aluminum handle decorated with Marfione Dagger logo, a titanium draw bar, a “saucer-size” push button that when activated, spits out a 14 inches long hand-ground Brend tanto blade in mirror finish and satin flats with a probably strong than firearm-like recoil.

Both the push button and draw bar features cool carbon fiber inserts too. Each big-ass Marfione Custom Halo V 3X – 32″ Switchblade comes standard with an equally huge wheeled Pelican 1700 case with an engraved steel plate describing the box’s content and Certificate of Authenticity that proves this product is a genuine stuff.

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Not that anyone would question its authenticity… but still it is good to have, after all, it is a collectible item and no decent collectible is complete without a piece of official paper. All the aforementioned comes with a matching size price tag of $9,500.

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