The Man Behind Classic Wrecks: John Findra

Classic Wrecks
“i think that we are in a globe now where perfection is so tantamount to success that perfection almost becoming boring.” those are the words of John Findra, the man behind the Classic Wrecks – scaled vehicle models that goes on the opposite of perfect beauty, and one that we admired so much. John’s statement certainly rings some truth of its own, as commonality does have it’s less than appealing fact, such as monotony. as much as we hate to admit, John’s creation of rusty, worn down rendition of scaled model vehicles really draw us to them. and yes, our heads are perfectly clear and we did not knock ourselves silly or anything but those works that John has done have an unexplainable magnetism. we can’t help but to take a second look at them. Classic Wrecks just merely point out the eventuality of our rides and what Mother Nature can do to it which itself is kind of a beauty. again, we are not a morbid in anyway (hey, we love Natalie Portman and thinks Justin Bieber is not cool) and we do not need to see a shrink either. the good thing is, Findra’s works are still available on Etsy with starting price of $60 and it has a whole lot more variety of rides as compared to when it just started out. so do check it out. however, the highlight today is what makes this man ticked as far as rusted and worn out scaled models are concern. so, join us for a video after the break to learn from the horses mouth.

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