Classic Wrecks – beat-up scaled models

Classic Wrecks
(photos: Classic Wrecks) Classic Wrecks | from US$45.00 |

life is not perfect and so are our rides. that said, we can go on collecting showroom condition die-cast automobiles and pretend that life is a bed of roses but sometimes reality hits you hard. real car rusts and so as a reminder that life isn’t all that perfect, your scaled car models should reflect that harsh reality too, like these Classic Wrecks scaled models. like the real life autos, these scaled models were once showroom condition but Etsy seller, Classic Wrecks, have given them some unfortunate real life details such as broken windows, rusted condition and for some, missing parts. basically, a beat up classic that belongs more to the junkyard then your driveway. not entirely a cruel act but just depicting the inevitable eventuality of a lifecycle of an automobile. if you are brave enough to accept the flaws that came with life itself, you can grab yourself one of these beat-up scaled classic car models with a price tag starting from $45.

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