While wrist watch serves to keep time, it can be a distraction too. And don’t get us started with the colorful world of smartwatches… It is with this in mind that prompted a Minnesota start up to create Prompt.

Prompt The Anti-Watch on Kickstarter

Prompt is a so-called anti-watch in that it lets you tell time without even looking at it, so it will be less of a distraction. Here’s how it works:

“…staying prompt only required a timepiece to convey “four moments in time” – right before or after the top of hour, and right before or after the half-hour. Touching the smooth concave glass lens triggers between 1 and 4 vibrations to represent those “four moments in time”: where 1 vibration means you’re within the first 15 minutes in the hour, 2 vibrations for the second 15 minutes in the hour, 3 vibrations for the third, and 4 vibrations for the last 15 minutes in the hour.”

If you are kind of get it and kind of don’t get it, perhaps this video will help:

What I see is you get a rough time. Is it a good idea, though? I don’t know. What happens if you happen to not know the hour?

There’s actually a way to have precise time and that’s to hold the concave watch face for a moment. The current time will be presented via LEDs, but the thing is, you’d still be clueless about the hour.

Prompt The Anti-Watch on Kickstarter

So, is this really a less distracting timepiece? It sure is, but if you are a military precision person who cares right down the last second, maybe it is not for you. Definitely not for checking the time when you have something baking in the oven or on the stove. Just saying…

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You can learn more about this novel timepiece on Kickstarter where it is having a campaign. And if you like, you can even give the project a nudge towards reality by making a pledge for a product.

Prices range from $169 to $205, depending on when you back it.

Prompt The Anti-Watch on Kickstarter

Images: Kickstarter (Prompt: The Anti-Watch).

Source: Yanko Design.

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