Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones

Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones by Monster
Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones | US$350.00 | www.monstercable.com

looking to stand out under the bright sunny day? this pair of Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones from Monster should do the trick. it is not actually crafted from diamond or anything of sort but it should be just as bling as any diamond this big can be and cost a whole lot less. what’s its innards compose of is anybody’s guess but hey, it is from Monster and we trust those audio gurus who put this together to make it sounds as good as it look. along with its opulent appearance are features like Apple ControlTalk cable for your iDevices, Control Universal cable for non-iDevices, tangle-free cables and a low profile, right-angle connector to ensure the jack remains jacked to your audio jack. according to Monster, no spices such as noise cancellation and amplification has been added to the Diamond Tear Edge which results in audio reproduction that you should be hearing. it is a strange statement, considering that it would set you back at $350 for a pair of cans without any magical audio circuitry or perhaps, it is a consequential price resulting from the collaboration with Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, record producer, JYP aka Park Jin-Young? it can’t be the diamond that raises the price, right? right? some larger images after the break to aid you in deciding if you wanted to take the plunge.

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