Forget about the hassle getting your the shape of your sound holes molded just to get custom fit earbuds. With the Vie Fit, you’d be getting the softest, custom fit, truly wireless earphones without getting your sound holes molested to get the fit and without compromising on sound quality. What makes Vie Fit stands out in the growing number of “true wireless” earphones popping up in the market is the ultra-flexible, low resistance, anti-bacterial silicone that is not only used on the ear tip, but also on the entire housing that has contact with your skin.

Vie Fit Custom-fit True Wireless Earphones

So, as you can imagine, this is definitely going to be more comfy than most wireless earbuds that has cold, hard plastic rubbing against your sound holes. Thanks to the flexibility of this silicone, Vie Fit promised to conform seamless to your ears’ shape and because of this, it stays fit and sealed, always. With Vie Fit, passive noise isolation comes standard, so you’d get the best audio enjoyment output by the earbuds’ 8mm neodymium dynamic driver. Vie Fit also touts what the company calls “360 rotating speaker system” that is omnidirectional and moves naturally to fit the angle of the ear to deliver optimal sound straight into your eardrum.

Vie Fit Custom-fit True Wireless Earphones

It uses Qualcomm 8th-generation cVc ambient noise cancellation for crystal calls while latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology with the latest audio profile ensure high-quality audio streaming without audio drops. A few other notables include IPX5 rated construction, FDA-approved antibacterial material, a built-in battery that offers up to 4.5 hours of playback, and a battery case that bumps up the operational hours to up to 33 hours. You can find Vie Fit Custom-fit True Wireless Earphones on Kickstarter where a pledge of $89 or more will secure yourself a pair designed for March 2018 delivery. And yep, the campaign is funded, so it is a pre-order there.

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Images courtesy of Vie Style Inc.

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