hate it when your hotel room has no WiFi but just LAN? not to worry. just pocket this ASUS WL-330NUL Pocket Wireless Router wherever you travel and reassure that you will have a tether-free access to the much needed Internet when there isn’t one. really. this is the world’s smallest wireless router and with a size just 6.5 cm (about 2.6 inches) it is indeed a very pocketable wireless router (and pretty sleek one too) that will prove a boon to any frequent traveller. the only thing left is to remind yourself is to retrieve it from your pocket before dumping your pants into the washing machine (it weighs a non-existence 17.5 grams, which you’d be forgiven for not remembering it is in the pocket), cos’ this little guy ain’t waterproof. gosh. how small can a wireless router get these days? you can get yours for just $76.92 each. more look after the break.

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