SURFboard mAX Pro Wants To Future-proof Your Home Wireless Network

Ready to future-proof your entire home wireless network and also getting the speed that you have paid for (and not a router that sticks out like a sore thumb)? Well then, here’s a wireless router you may be interested: ARRIS SURFboard mAX Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System. Billed as the world’ most advanced solution for delivering […]

ASUS Think Its A Good Idea To Combine A Router And Smart Speaker

Now, here’s a gadget from ASUS that we see as a potential solution to “too many gadgets.” Called ASUS Lyra Voice, this sleek piece of gadget is a tri-band WiFi router with AiMesh and a smart speaker, specifically, with Amazon Alexa integration. Also, it is a Bluetooth speaker that boasts ASUS and DTS audio technology. […]

This Is ASUS RT-AX88U, The World’s First Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router

Today’s wireless routers are running out of puff, attributed by the growing number of wireless devices we have at home. In view of this, Wi-Fi 6 was developed. Wi-Fi 6 is based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard that enables it to cope with this growing demands, at home, at work and in public places. It […]

This Designer Desk Lamp Also Transmits High-Speed Internet

Light source, such as those coming from desk lamps and whatnot, is part and parcel of our everyday life and so, it only makes sense that we start leveraging on it to do more than just lighting up. The same thought struck Alexandre Picciotto when he designed this lamp called c-224. On the surface, c-224 […]

Meet Norton Core, The Wi-Fi Router That You Never Need To Hide

How many of you think a router is an eyesore and have it hidden away? I am going on a limb to say most people (yours truly included) who treasure aesthetic would. Today’s routers are pretty capable in terms of transmission and so, there’s really nothing wrong in hiding it, but what if you don’t […]

ASUS Newest Wireless Router Has A Gaping Hole And Isn’t A Black Box

Believe it or not, what you are looking at is a wireless router from Taiwanese computer maker, ASUS, called Blue Cave. Wireless router without antennas is not new, but one that isn’t rectangular and black is kind of refreshing, and so is one with a gaping hole right smack in the middle. At a glance, […]

Flter: Blanket Privacy Coverage For All Your Networked Devices Made Easy

The moment you get onto the Internet, you can kiss privacy goodbye. When online, you are effectively putting your privacy out in the open, allowing Big Brother (AKA the government, not the reality TV series), your Internet service provider, and companies, to read into your web activities, search history, and even physical location. Most people […]

Here Are Some Drool Worthy Gadgets Made By Google

Today is officially the Made by Google day. Along with the unveiling of the company’s very first smartphone, Pixel, the search giant also announced a bunch of drool worthy gadgets aim to make your life a little more, well, high-tech. The slew of Made by Google gadgets include Google’s official foray in to the world […]

eero Home WiFi System Promised To Cover Your Home With Wireless Signal

Let’s face it. As advanced as today’s wireless routers claimed to be, your home is not without WiFi blind spot. There are always those corners where you can’t have strong signals that result in the scarring buffering phenomenon when you wanted to watch a video clip someone just sent to you. Though it is not […]

Google Wants to Make WiFi Easier with $200 OnHub Wireless Router

We are not sure if Google and TP-LINK collaborative wireless router, OnHub, will solve our WiFi woes as it said it would, but the pitch certainly have our attention, because the problems laid out in the product promo video are exactly what we are facing. So how do OnHub proposed to give us consistent and […]