behold. the future of seamlessly integrated wireless charging is going to start from your kitchen countertop. thanks to the collaboration between DuPont and Power Matters Alliance (PMA), in future we can expect Powermat’s place and charge technology to be implemented within DuPont Corian solid surface, a synthetic granite alternative commonly used for kitchen countertops, making your kitchen a place where you could charge your wireless charging-equipped devices without the clutter. if realized, which we hope soon, the DuPont Corian Powermat Wireless Charging solution would be a perfect companion to the Harman Kardon music kitchen cabinet that we saw two years ago. boy, are we excited. probably we are pretty tired of the clutter that cables have bring about in our daily lives. as you might have expected, the DuPont Corian Powermat Wireless Charging is not a reality just yet and hence, pricing and availability info are not available at this point. assuming price ain’t a hurdle, would you adopt such a technology? let us know in the comment below.

DuPont Corian Powermat Wireless Charging

Power Matters Alliance via werd.

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