who doesn’t have a smartphone and who doesn’t need a flashlight from time to time? sure. there are apps that let you use your phone’s LED flash as a flashlight. but ask yourself these: do you want to burn out the LED on your phone before the phone does? and is that LED brighter than a regular tactical torch? and that’s not to mention that using the onboard LED would most definitely drain the precious battery from your handset, so i bet the answer is no to both that questions and that’s why we think the ChargeLight Portable Battery & Flashlight is the awesome solution to address your need for bright LED light and the shortfall in your phone’s battery lifespan.

we are not sure what come first, but this sleek Portable Battery and Flashlight in one device that holds a lithium-ion battery that could fully charge a dead phone up to two times and it also has a CREED-powered LED with precision optics that is said to be five times more powerful than the traditional flashlights. and like any good tactical flashlight, the flashlight is adjustable to different brightness to give you a balance between runtime and performance. so there you have it. the one accessory that is both a capable portable battery and a full fledge tactical flashlight, so that there will be one less thing to clutter your life. and did we not mention that it comes with a uber sleek dock to charge this accessory? super.

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you can pre-order the ChargeLight for $89.95 now. head past the jump for a suspiciously informercial-like product introduction video to learn more.

ChargeLight via werd.

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