When Amazon designed the Siri-like device, it surely didn’t haven portability in mind. Though its form factor does not exclude it from being portable, except that it needs the wall outlet to keep it powered. Well, not if you have the Mission Cables Battery Base for Amazon Echo. As the product name implies, it is a battery pack and one that’s designed specifically to power the Amazon Echo in a seamless manner. The base has a receptacle lined with silicon to fit the Echo snugly without the need for clamps or whatnot. Silicon not only provides a snug fit, but it also ensure it will not scratch Echo and allows for removable with ease.

With the Mission Cables Battery Base, you can now free your Amazon Echo and bring it wherever within the range of a WiFi coverage or if lack thereof, a Bluetooth-enabled phone for it to continue to function as intended. Battery rating was not provided, but according to Mission Cables, the patent-pending Battery Base is good for up to six hours of audio playback and “works continuously during transitions between being powered by the power adapter and Battery Base.”

So, the next time you are out gardening at your backyard, you can create your gardening shopping list as you work without having to dust yourself and enter your home, or just make Echo keep your entertained with your favorite tunes. We’d say, that’s kind of neat. Don’t you think? You can pick up Mission Cables Battery Base for Amazon Echo from Amazon for $49.99.

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