GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair

OMGIGHO GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair
GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair | from US$399.00 | www.omgigho.com

the problem with most gaming chair is, it takes up precious usable space when not in use. of course, you will be happy where it is when you are using it but when you are not using it, this piece of hulking, space-devouring furniture simply becomes a hindrance in the living room. however, this won’t be the case if it can doubles as something else when you are not burning virtual tires which is exactly what the GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair can do. honestly, we are completely sold by OMGIGHO’s (pronounced as ohm-GEE-go) concept because this chair not only offers an affordable proposition as far as gaming chair or racing cockpit is concerned but has the flexibility to be configured into a rocking chair or if you want, into a sturdy workstation that can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches. the best part is, you do not have to remove any of your affixed peripherals when converting it to a rocking chair. the peripherals remain there, hidden away until the next time you need them. additionally, the chair features a pair of ‘wheels’ that allows you to haul the chair around the house with ease and since it is designed to accommodate a real auto seat, you will have a myriad of adjustments of the seating position which you don’t find in any rocking chair in the market today. crafted from birch wood using precision CNC machining, the GO-GO Multifunctional Gaming Chair is currently offered via Kickstarter starting from $399 for the DIY flat-pack kit and runs up to $999 for a fully assembled item, complete with a black racing seat with rail system, gaming steering wheel, pedals and shifter. check out the pledge video after the break.

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