Get Justice League Characters When Using Android Pay

Are you a fan of Justice League? Well, if you are, then here’s something that may pique your interest: from now till December 31, 2017, when you use Android Pay in stores, you can collect Justice League Super Heroes as played out by digital bugdroids. Cutesy bugdroid have been seen in countless guises and now this Android icon dresses up as Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, and Wonder Woman in this unique partnership between Android Pay and Justice League. To collect these bugdroid Justice League super heroes, you will need have the latest Android Pay installed on your smartphone. Obviously, you will also need to have Android Pay setup already.

After which, every thing will be as per normal. Just unlock your phone, hold it near the terminal like you always do when paying with Android Pay and wait until you see a Justice League Super Hero appears on your device’s display. That’s all there is to it. The character that appears during the payment will be highlighted on a newly added Justice League ‘card’ in your Android Pay app. I have yet to give it a go, but I believe this is a blind box thing and therefore, don’t expect to get a different character every time you pay. What I am saying is, RNG is play here and this means that don’t expect five Android Pay usage will bag you all five characters.

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Speaking of which, RNG hasn’t been too kind to me since the beginning of time and therefore I doubt my ability to collect them all, especially given that I don’t use Android Pay often. On a side note, I think we need more than digital bugdroids garbed in Justice League getups. We need them as tangible figurines so we can display it on our work desk!

Images: Android.