5 Things To Consider When Choosing Breakdown Cover

It’s common to have car breakdown cover these days. So common that the choice can seem a bit overwhelming. So how do you choose the best provider for your needs? Well there is the notion of price, saving a bit is always welcome, however, it’s important to be aware of what you may be missing out on from the cheaper policies and what you get for the slightly more pricey ones.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Breakdown Cover

Do You Know Your Car Specs?
It’s important to know the exact specs of your vehicle as there are often some stipulations in the fine print when you look through it. But what are these? Firstly, have there been any modifications to the vehicle? Much like insurance, this may invalidate your policy, so if unsure whether something counts as a modification ask. Vehicle age is also important, some policies exclude cars over 10 years old for example. Finally, size and length, this is important if you are looking for cover for a van or camper, as some providers exclude certain sizes of large vehicles on their standard policy.

What Geographical Range is Covered
How far from home are you going to be traveling? It’s good to know as you get local, regional, national and even international deals. So if you mainly drive the kids to school and back then it’s most likely you will only need the most basic policy, but if you travel a lot don’t be caught out and make sure you have the policy to suit your travel requirements.

Do You Get a Courtesy Car?
This is a good question? As it’s all very well getting the car seen to, but there will be times that it needs to spend some time in the shop. So if you get a courtesy car as part of your plan then all the better. Otherwise, you’ll need to look at hiring a vehicle, and if you are near to one of Globe Car in Canada’s excellent locations we would recommend them to go to.

Is Onward Travel Included?
Onward travel is a little detail that many don’t consider, but it’s one that you really should. What it means is that if the breakdown service can’t fix your car at the roadside they will take you to your destination. This is going to be very welcome as you don’t want to be hunting for a hotel late at night in a strange location, and unless you’re lucky enough to be next to the coolest hotel in the world by random chance then it’s not going to be a fun experience.

Other Extras, Are They Worth It?
There are other extras you may want to consider. Key cover is one, not many of us think of this until we lose our keys and are far from home, this is a harsh way to discover that a mobile auto-locksmith is not a cheap service! Home-start is another useful one, as many of the more budget policies only cover you once you are a certain distance from home.

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