When we travel, we travel. Meaning, we don’t coop ourselves up in the hotel room. We explore the city where we are at. There’s no reason for anyone to lock themselves in a room, really. However, if you are a die-hard gamer looking to get out of your parent’s basement and game on in a vastly different environment (definitely, not below-the-ground), then you might want to consider hitting up Amsterdam’s The Arcade Hotel, located just opposite of the Saphartipark. Formerly, Aalborg Hotel, the 36-room hotel was taken over by one Daniel Salmanovich and given a new lease of life with the aim to please gaming travelers by mixing cosiness and gaming.

The Arcade Hotel - Gamer Hotel In Amsterdam

Draped in mid century design with white brick walls and dark flooring, The Arcade Hotel is a full-fledge hotel with modern amenities like colored lights in bathroom, rain showers and whatnot, but the real drawn here (well, at least for gamers) are the unique game-centric services which a comic book library and of course, video games rental to keep you glued inside the room. And if you do managed to detached yourself from the game console and get out of the hotel room, you can hop over to the Saphartipark for a stroll, or explore the beautiful city like how every Amsterdammers do: on a bicycle, which you can rent from the hotel itself.

The Arcade Hotel - Gamer Hotel In Amsterdam

The hotel offers individually decorated one to four bedded rooms, priced at between 70-350 euros. Breakfast is optional though, which you can acquire for 9-13 euros. There you have it, the world’s first gamer-centric getaway is here (in fact, it has been up and running since January 16), and if you are all set to have a temporary change of gaming environment (the physical one, that is), this is the go-to place where you will get reprieve from the routine “John, get your ass up here for your dinner!” or “John, get the trash out will’ya and stop that gaming of yours!”

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The Arcade Hotel - Gamer Hotel In Amsterdam
Hey. There’s a fish tank… with an entirely different content, if you know what I mean
The Arcade Hotel - Gamer Hotel In Amsterdam
Some rooms come with tub
The Arcade Hotel - Gamer Hotel In Amsterdam
One of the 36 rooms being offered – this one looks pretty business-like. Don’t you think?
The Arcade Hotel - Gamer Hotel In Amsterdam
Another room. This one with a tiny balcony

The Arcade Hotel via Ubergizmo

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