If you are into denim, you will know to loathe heavy weight denims. They hard to break-in and uncomfortable at times due to its heavy weight nature. That’s not to mention it is never stretchable. Stretchability and heavy denim are like water and oil; they never mix, or so we thought. Kojima Genes, the denim apparel maker behind NASA tech-infused jeans, think it may have cracked this age-old denim lovers’ woe with the label’s 21OZ Stretch Denim. This pair of denim jeans here is super heavy, but yet it touts stretchability which you don’t see up till now.

Kojima Genes x SF Project 21OZ Stretch Denim Jeans

With 21OZ Stretch Denim it promised to offer a pair of super heavy jeans with the substantial look, durability and ruggedness fans have come to adore, but with high level of wear comfort that promotes mobility – thanks to its stretchable nature, and best of all, breaking in will be an effortless process. Seriously, not washing jeans for months on ends does not help breaking in a pair of jeans. Neither is repeated washing. Just thought you should know.

Kojima Genes x SF Project 21OZ Stretch Denim Jeans

Anyways, because it is heavy weight, it is obviously going to last way longer than light weight stretch denim. Along with the aforementioned, you’d get Kojima Genes signature superb construction and attention to details. Like, how does flat rivets sound? Dope, if you ask us. Here are the engineering and technology behind the 21OZ Stretch Denim:

“Generally, to create a stretch fabric, stretch weft yarn is woven into warp yarn. Weaving stretch yarn into a very thick indigo yarn didn’t work well. By employing a special “Double Weaving” process, skilled artisans payed extremely close attention to the exact ratio of stitches to yarn density using a special loom. Only this kind of meticulous weaving artistry made this denim possible.”

Other notables include overseas exclusive leather patch, slim leg fit with a slight taper, deep pocket (not you, the jeans), regular rise, zip fly with YKK universal zipper, punched copper rivets, rope-dyed Indigo warp and white weft, and last but not least, it is handcrafted with love and affection in Kojima, Okyama, Japan. Now, we all know how prohibitive prices are with Made in Japan products, but this is obviously not quite the case.

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Kojima Genes x SF Project 21OZ Stretch Denim Jeans

In order to enable affordability with Made in Japan product, or in this case, denim, Kojima Genes x SF Project has once again taken to Kickstarter. In this way, there will be no ad costs, no pricey celebrity endorsements, and no middle men, and thus, you can afford a pair of designer-equivalent but probably a lot more superior denim for $145 or more. The only caveat we see here is, it only comes in a single color way: deep indigo blue. Keep going for the pitch video.

Kojima Genes x SF Project 21OZ Stretch Denim Jeans

Kojima Genes x SF Project 21OZ Stretch Denim Jeans

Images courtesy of Kojima Genes.

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