Just when we thought $20 is the best bang-of-the-buck home security system you can get, Fynoti pops up in the market. And how much are we talking about? 9 bucks. That’s not a typo, btw. Fynoti lone sensor costs just $9. Seriously, you can’t get any cheaper than this. Hell, even at a package price of $54, which includes 3 Fynoti sensors, 9 C-type batteries, and 3 cool Fynoti covers, it is still a lot cheaper than most home security systems. The price alone compels one to take a second look. It also makes us think: have we been over paying for home security systems?

Fynoti Home Security System

Granted, aesthetically, it is not a head-turner, neither is it a camera, but really, it is still a proper security system. If aesthetic is your prerogative, there is always the cover to spruce up this unbelievably priced home security system. Problem solved. Now, a bit more on the sensor itself. It is no button. Like zilch, nada, zero. Everything is controlled via a dedicated app on your mobile device, Android or iOS. It is wireless, and it has the ability to connect multiple Fynoti together to create a comprehensive security system and each device has a deafening siren to scare the shit out of intruders and also, alerting your neighbors. Of course, you will also be notified via mobile of this intrusion.

Fynoti Home Security System

Fynoti may not have fancy tech like some and that’s understandable for its price point, but it does have other tricks up its sleeves. Most notably, it has a clever way of checking in on a suspected intrusion. Instead of dialing up the cops or security company (which, more often than not, requires mostly subscription fee), it has this thing call “Neighborhood Watch” where it connects you to your friends and neighbors via the app, so you can ask your trusted friends and neighbors to check on your property if there’s indeed a break in going on. Clever. Of course, this will require you to be on good terms with your friends/neighbors. That goes without saying…

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Fynoti Home Security System

In addition, the same system also enables you to call out help in an unfortunate accident at home when you are rendered immobile. Just hit ‘Shout!’ and you can send out call for help when screaming can’t reach anyone. Fynoti may be tiny, but it has a wide sensing angle of 130 degrees and up to 12 meters (39 feet) of range, and it can be scheduled to be turn on and off automatically too.

Anyways, you already know what it has to offer and the price, and if you have been holding back on security camera purchases because of price, then I guess there won’t be anymore excuses to have one setup at home. Check out the fun pitch video after the jump which also stars Game of Thrones star Icelandic strongman Thor Bjorsson.

Images courtesy of Fynoti.

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