The connected home security camera market is overcrowded and yet, if you find yourself can bear part with your hard earned dollars for one, then perhaps, Wyze Labs may be able to change your mind. The Seattle-based tech startup’s WyzeCam is a full-featured wireless HD smart home camera that is determined to get you started with home monitoring with its you-can’t-look-away sticker of mere $19.99. The catch? It records to the cloud and you will need a subscription to make that happen. However, for now, Wyze Labs is giving you free, rolling 14-day cloud storage.

WyzeCam Smart Home Camera by Wyze Labs

What the camera will do is, it will automatically record 10-15 second video when motion or sound are detected and also, automatically, pushes it securely via end-to-end encryption to the AWS Cloud. Though it is worthy to note that you probably don’t need the Cloud to get on with your home monitoring because it can continuously record to a microSD card. From there, you will be able to accessible the footage for free over the next 14 days.

WyzeCam Smart Home Camera by Wyze Labs

WyzeCam is night vision capable too, offering up to 30 feet of night vision enabled by f2.0 aperture, IR-CUT filter and two 850 nm infrared LEDs. Additionally, it is also blessed with smart sound recognition which Wyze Labs claims it could identify unique sound patterns of, say for example, smoke alarms and CO monitors, and alerting to these specific emergencies.

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WyzeCam Smart Home Camera by Wyze Labs

Other notables include a 2.8 mm focal length wide angle optic, 1/27” CMOS sensor, 8x digital zoom, two-way audio with built-in speaker and microphone, motion and sound detection, real-time alerts via push notifications to your phone, time lapse video capable, and finally, it sports a rather unique and flexible 3-axis design that allows it to point in any direction.

Together with the included adhesive tape, the magnetic mounting system enables it to be securely affixed to virtually anywhere without messing drilling.

Images: Wyze Labs.

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