need a bigger display to supplement your puny laptop’s screen? as always, AOC seems to have the perfect solution that will not bust a hole in your wallet. at just $129.99, the AOC 16-inch Portable USB Monitor (E1659FWU) uses DisplayLink technology that lets you hook up this slim, piano black finish monitor to your laptop or desktop via just a single USB 3.0 cable without the need for cumbersome AC adapters. that, folks, is what really draws us to it. we, like most neat-freaks, are not particularly fond of cables, so the lesser there are, the merrier it is for us and our happy desks. the E1659FWU offers up to 1,366 x 768 resolution at 60Hz and touts a profile that is said to be 13mm thinner than its predecessor.

further flexibility is offer by its clever, foldable metallic kickstand which allows the 16-inch Portable USB Monitor to be placed in either landscape or portrait orientation. it even comes with its own carrying bag for traveling, but would also fit in most regular laptop bags. though the latter would require a pretty huge bag to do so. in any case, it does have its own bag, so we see any reason to worry about. other technical features include a 15.6″ viewable image size, 200 cd/m2 brightness, a 500: 1 contrast ratio, 16.5M of colors, 5ms response time, and VESA wall mount compatible. slated to ship in August, the AOC 16-inch Portable USB Monitor is available for pre-order at

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we think it is a beautiful display and because of that, we think the E1659FWU deserves a few more look, which you can find in the product image gallery below.

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