with the proliferation of digital downloads, it is hard to imagine why would anyone need to buy another physical media for your entertainment needs (corruption debatable, but anyway that’s beside the point). while this might holds true, we suspect your penchant for digital copies might be swayed if you have an awesome collection comprising of all 8 seasons of Dexter (yes, it has been that long) on Blu-ray, an exclusive Art of Dexter book, plus a killer bonus disc offering over 3 hours of special features including behind-the-scenes cast interviews, featurettes and promos – all packed into one limited edition collectible bust of a white humanoid. so do yourself a favor and save yourself some bandwidth and get the Dexter: The Complete Series Collection Exclusive Gift Set. we are pretty sure this could be the first time you will be proud to be displaying your Blu-ray collection in the open and not stash inside the cabinet (oh, it can fit the cabinet anyway, can it?). lovely stuff. available in November 5, but you can secure yours now by pre-ordering it for a cool $341.49. just in case you are still wondering, there are 25 discs in all. pricey, indeed.

Amazon via werd.

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