AOC Computer Monitors Go Luxury With Studio F.A. Porsche Collab

AOC has teamed up with the legendary Studio F.A. Porsche to unveiled a couple of delightful computer monitors. The AOC Studio fa porscheAOC x Studio F.A. Porsche Monitor Series, as it is called, comprises of two models: a 24-inch AOC PDS241 and a 27-inch AOC PDS271. Each model boasts an near-frameless IPS panel, an ultra-slim […]

AOC Ultra Slim ‘Frameless’ 27” Display Introduced, Has Luxe Version Too

Who does not want a sleek-looking monitor? I would imagine most people would want if price isn’t an object. Having said that, if price is the stumbling block to you owning a beautiful display, AOC has just the computer monitor for you. The monitor in question is AOC 27-inch QHD Ultra Slim Frameless IPS Monitor […]

AOC 24-inch IPS LED Display Packs Two 7W Onkyo Speakers At Its Base

if you haven’t gotten around into All-In-One PC, then the odds you are enduring through a desktop clutter of monitor, speakers, card readers, USB extension and stuff. the truth is, nothing much can be done if you choose the non-AIO route, but with the AOC 24-inch Onkyo Speaker Base IPS LED Monitor (model i2473PWM), you […]

AOC 16-inch Portable USB Monitor

need a bigger display to supplement your puny laptop’s screen? as always, AOC seems to have the perfect solution that will not bust a hole in your wallet. at just $129.99, the AOC 16-inch Portable USB Monitor (E1659FWU) uses DisplayLink technology that lets you hook up this slim, piano black finish monitor to your

AOC Cinematic 29-inch UltraWide Display

i still remember those days where we had to pay like 300 plus bucks for a measly 17-inch Sony Trinitron CRT computer monitor (that weighs like a ton, btw). boy, have time changed. these days, you could bag yourself an awesome display like this AOC Cinematic 29-inch UltraWide Display (model: Q2963PM) for just $399.99. though it is worthy to note that this attractive price tag isn’t here to stay

AOC 23-inch IPS LCD Monitor

if you are a style-conscious geek who pay attentions to every detail of your gadgets, then we suppose the eye-sore bezel on today’s computer monitor must have irk you. fortunately, technology is moving at quite a breakneck speed and as of today, you have a choice not to be troubled by those unsightly bezel. and the AOC 23-inch IPS LCD Monitor (i2367Fh) is one such example…