Like the ChiquiSafe banana case and the made-for-bicycle banana holder, the Tactical Belt-mounted Egg Holster with Latch appears to be nothing more than a ridiculous idea. OK. Maybe it is. Now that I think of it, this print-it-yourself egg holster may have made the aforementioned two made-for-banana accessories appear sane and logical.

Tactical Belt-mounted Egg Holster with Latch

Anywho, so yes, Tactical Belt-mounted Egg Holster with Latch is a thing. Not sure why anyone need to holster just one egg. Any sane person should be holstering a dozen! In case that you do (need an egg holster), you can pick up this 3D print file contributed by Thingiverse member Chrisman_The_Great from and 3D print your very own.

Tactical Belt-mounted Egg Holster with Latch

Images: Thingiverse (Chrisman_The_Great).

Source: Dude.

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  1. Fundamentally, a tactical belt is any belt constructed with durable webbing and sold to some part of the gun community. In the initial setting, this type of belt would be included in an individual’s combat uniform. You can add or remove different bits of gear for various mission purposes, including handcuffs and radio.

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