Have you ever noticed how certain sci-fi movies have given us a glimpse of how iconic brands might appear in the future? Well, the Moncler x adidas Originals Collection could easily be plucked right from one of those sci-fi flicks. And here’s the exciting part—it’s hitting the shelves in just a few hours. So, yeah, the future of adidas Originals is practically here.

Moncler x adidas Originals Collection

Drawing inspiration from a journey that spans from the peaks of mountains to the heart of the city, this fresh collection introduces a range of puffers, both short and long, along with track jackets and vests that perfectly embody the fusion of two distinct identities. The unmistakable Moncler designs, typically seen in their glossy nylon, get a creative twist with adidas Originals elements, including the iconic adi-break paneling.

Vibrant hues reminiscent of traffic lights, ranging from vivid greens to oranges and reds, seamlessly transition between urban grays, serene sky blues, neutral off-whites, and earthy dark greens. The designs incorporate sinuous quilting, intricate jacquards, and prints inspired by the patterns left behind by skiers on snowy slopes.

Moncler x adidas Originals Collection

The collection’s statement footwear makes a strong grounding statement: the NMD receives a Moncler winter transformation with GORE-TEX and plush bubble padding. Meanwhile, the beloved Campus silhouette is cocooned in bubble padding, infusing it with the distinctive Moncler touch. This collection embodies the harmonious convergence of form and function, where the worlds of mountain adventure and urban exploration meet. It’s a new, exciting fusion crafted for those who love to explore.

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You’ll be able to get your hands on the Moncler x adidas Originals collection starting October 4th, 2023, on both moncler.com and adidas.com. Additionally, it will be available in select Moncler and adidas stores beginning October 5th, 2023.

Moncler x adidas Originals Collection

Images: adidas.

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