LEGO Shuttle Expedition: pieces of the Space Shuttle history

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(credit: LEGO) LEGO Shuttle Expedition #10231 | US$99.99 |

the Space Shuttle may have retired but spacecraft enthusiasts will have a chance to rebuild their fond memories of the Shuttle with this new LEGO Shuttle Expedition set. yea, you can have your hands in building (or rebuilding, depending on how you look at it) this beautiful spacecraft of our time. the Shuttle Expedition comes packed with 1,230 pieces of bricks and a very small of team of minifigures comprising of a gentleman and a lady astronaut, as well as a lone service crew member. that’s all it takes to commission this LEGO shuttle, before that, it would be your job to piece together this 44-cm (17.5-inches) tall and 25.5-cm (10-inches) wide Space Shuttle.
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highlights of this set include realistic engines, retractable landing gear, opening cockpit with a pair seats for the lovely duo of astronauts and a cargo compartment that opens to a deployable satellite with unfolding antenna and solar cell panels. the lone maintenance crew gets his very own maintenance vehicle too. at least there is something for him to do after the bricks-formed Shuttle takes off. unfortunately, it does not come with a complete launch facility but then again, for $99.99, we shouldn’t be asking for too much. check out a few more images of the LEGO Shuttle Expedition after the jump.

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