Panasonic new 3D glasses claims the lightest in the world

Panasonic 3D Glasses TY-EW3D 544x311px
(credit: Panasonic) Panasonic 3D Glasses TY-EW3D | ¥tba |

Panasonic claimed that its latest 3D glasses are the “world’s lightest”, weighing in at just 26-grams (0.92-ounces) for its small and medium size glasses, while the large model weighs in at 27-grams (0.95-ounces). in fact, they are not much lighter than those currently on the market. its large model weighs just 1-gram less than the much more fashionable LG item announced earlier this year. the glasses also boast a quick charge function that gives user up to 3-hours worth of usage for a quick two-minutes charge, where else a full charge of 30-minutes give you up to 25-hours of usage.
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the quick charge is probably an important feature cos’ the last thing you want is to excitedly slot in a just-rented 3D movie and find yourself caught with a flat out battery. i am not sure sizing for the glasses is really necessary but that’s what Panasonic has done and apparently, each size is indicated by different color on the length of the ear hooks of the glasses. come to think of it, why should 3D glasses be in black and not any other colors?

Panasonic 3D Glasses TY-EW3D 544x377px

via Akihabara News

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