iSteady Shot M-27 Action Camera Mount

iSteady Shot M-27 Action Camera Mount
(photos: iSteady Shot) iSteady Shot M-27 Action Camera Mount | US$99.99 |

iPhone 4 and 4S offers us such a beautiful video recording capability that we felt it’s a crime not to use it but of course, we would love to have a wider view and a more ‘professional’ way of gripping it when we go on our iPhone videography journey. we wouldn’t say we have a lot to choose from when it comes to add-on to make your iPhone a better video recording device and so we are more than glad to hear another new product for our consideration. the iSteady Shot M-27 is a rugged and lightweight action camera mount designed for your iPhone 4 and 4S. crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, the M-27 comes with a removable 37mm wide angle/macro lens that offers 130 degrees of view and crystal clear optics. the M-27 features a pair of grips – one on each side of the device, to aid stability when the reel is rolling and further stabilization is offered through its standard threaded tripod mounts. an additional mount is available on its top center to accommodate an additional microphone or light. the iSteady Shot M-27 Action Camera Mount for iPhone 4/4S is available with a price tag of $99.99 each.

iSteady Shot via Electronista

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