ATC Ergo Dock for iPad and iPhone 3

ATC Ergo Dock for iPad and iPhone
(photos: ATC Gear) ATC Ergo Dock | from US$89.00 |

docks for iDevices are a dime a dozen and yet there are none that offers flexibility in angle adjustment. it is a seemingly small detail but yet you’d be hard-pressed to find one dock that allows user to adjust its angle of viewing when docked. the ATC Ergo Dock aims to offer this extra functionality, along with the flexibility to accomodate any 30-pin iDevices and of course, the look to match the aesthetic of your iDevices. according to its developer ATC Gear, the dock not only charges and syncs your iDevice when docked, it will also boost its audio quality – a feature that should put a smile on conference-through-iDevice fans. sporting a bead-blasted finished, the Ergo Dock will feel right at home with the rest of your Apple products. the ATC Ergo Dock is yet another initiative on Kickstarter and its maker is appealing for your support to make this device a reality. for a pledge of $89 or more, you will bag yourself one of these docks once the funding goal is reached and finalized. however, it is worthy to note that the $89 dock only accommodates naked iDevices (i.e. without any case) but if you are looking at using it with an iDevice with case on, you might want to consider giving the ATC Ergo Dock Encompass a go. the Encompass features a milled slot that is larger to accommodate iDevices with case and it will set you back at $119 (or $139 for the anodized black edition). take a look a short product intro clip after the break.

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