want to fill your room with your favorite tunes, but loathe the idea of multi-speaker setup? well, the Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Home Audio System might just be the speaker you have been looking for. measuring just 223 mm wide (8-3/4-inch) and 276 mm tall (10-7/8-inch), the Aura Wireless Home Audio System promised room-filling, omnidirectional sound from its six performance-tuned 1.5-inch high- and mid-range drivers, and a 4.5-inch subwoofer in turbo-sculpted metal housing. the audio reproduction is further bolstered by Harman Kardon’s DSP for “improved soundstaging and voicing”, while AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA, opens up a world of possibly in wireless streaming, regardless of the wireless connectivity your sources maybe equipped with.

if wired route is your cuppa, auxiliary and optical inputs are in place, ready to hook up with your game console, HDTV and more. complementing the awesome sound is a 360-degree transparent LED-illuminated waveguide dome enclosure that resembles a modern art installation (a glass sculpture, in this case) that would make any interior decor proud. the Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Home Audio System is available for pre-order now for $399.95 a pop. not exactly the most affordable, but we are not entirely surprised, because we reckon that art is never cheap. no? and make sure you don’t have a cat at home if you want one of these in your pad. you are aware of risk, don’t you?

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Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Home Audio System

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