Valve wants the Steam Machine to be recognized as an entertainment console, but to do that requires more than just hard specs. we thought it should be one that will blend perfectly into your home entertainment setup and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. that said, we think the iBuyPower SBX Steam Machine, which was unveiled at the recent CES, is more than worthy to be branded as a game console though spec-wise, it might not be an elite, but it should be ample for all Steam games. destined to hit the stores later this year, the SBX Steam Machine will be powered by a tweaked quad-core AMD Athlon X4 740 processor (interesting choice) supported by 4GB RAM. details are scarce, but it will most definitely be fitted with a 500GB HDD and a Radeon R7 250 graphics with 1GB VRAM, or if luck is with iBuyPower, it might have a R7 260X or equivalent onboard when it starts shipping later this year.

the word is, the specs here, though scant, will largely remain unchanged except for the GPU. we don’t see a lot of Steam Machines here, but we felt the SBX is a sure winner in the look department and it is the one machine that we would gladly place right smack in our living. it will be available in two colors, glossy white and matte black, and the package of 500 bucks will include the console with SteamOS preloaded, a Steam Controller, and an HDMI cable. unfortunately, the SBX Steam Machine will not be supporting dual boot, so Windows gaming fans might want to take note. for those who are not lucky enough to be at the CES to witness the machine in person, there is a handful images in the gallery below for your visual consumption.

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