Valve Unveiled a Slew of Steam Machines with Pricing, Introduced Steam Link for Game Streaming

Last week was considered a pretty exciting week for the gaming community, even more so if you are huge fan of Steam gaming. Valve, the driving force behind Steam games, have unveiled a slew of Steam Machines from various vendors, plus a nifty gadget called Steam Link which will allow you to stream all your […]

Maingear Outs Console-size Steam Machine, Touts 4K Gaming Experience

Have a big-ass 4K TV? Then you would probably want to play your favorite PC or Steam games on it as opposed to game console or even a regular PC. Lucky for you, the days of black, towering chassis has gone, so you can actually don’t feel ashamed of putting a PC in your living […]

Alpha, Alienware’s Steam Machine Pushes Into the Market, Starts at $549

If you’ve been looking forward to Alienware’s iteration of Steam Machine since January this year, well, then this piece of news is going to rock your world. Alienware Alpha, as it is officially called, is now available in-store as we speak from Walmart and Fry’s, as well as online from Alienware web store. It is […]

Tubecore Duo Expands Beyond Wireless Audio Streaming, Lets You Play Steam Games Too

Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System distinguishes itself as a capable tube-powered wireless speaker, but their latest DUO has little more to offer than blissful audio reproduction. with the new DUO, it now boasts integration with Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC), supporting up to Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Graphics HD 5000 GPU, […]

Super Thin G-Pack Gaming Rig Blurs the Line Between Console and Gaming PC

you know why we chose console over PC? aesthetic and form factor with the best possible graphics, and most importantly, we don’t need to mess with tons of cables. however, console is anything but a purist thing. true gamers will likely to stick to PC. while we can look past the constant need for upgrading […]

Steam Gaming Goes Portable With Steamboy

now that Steam have a reasonable foothold in the console gaming segment, it is about time that someone treats road-warriors with a portable version for their Steam fix while on the road, which apparently, will be happening, or so we read. the device, aptly called SteamBoy, will no doubt goes head-to-head with big name like […]