Picture this. You are scaling the rocky vertical of some mountains and then, you realized that your smartphone has ran out of juice. What do you do? Pull out your power bank, obviously. But if you ask me, I’d think the Re-Fuel Powerbiner will be more fitting in this scenario because, well, carabiner. Duh. The product name, a portmanteau of the words power and carabiner, doesn’t quite say what it is, but it is pretty obvious what it is when you look at it.

Re-Fuel Powerbiner Carabiner Power Bank

It is a functional carabiner with a power bank built into it. Now, if this isn’t the sickest outdoor gear for the 21st century, I don’t know what is. Packed inside to spine of the frame of this decidedly futuristic (OK. Maybe just high-tech) carabiner is a 3,000 mAh battery that’s good for recharging your phone two times. Despite the size, Re-Fuel managed to pack in overcharge and short circuit protection into it, so you’d have a peace of mind that you will not be setting the forest ablaze (and similarly, your device won’t get murder by it).

As a carabiner, it has swanky design and on the practical aspect, it is totally capable of holding up to 132 lbs (roughly 60 lbs) of load. Like most carabiners, you can mount it on virtually anything that needs to be hooked up. Well, anything except for a person. But I am sure you are aware of that obvious fact. Anywho, you are down, you can find Re-Fuel Powerbiner Carabiner Power Bank on Amazon, retailing for a rather reasonable $39.99 a pop.

Re-Fuel Powerbiner Carabiner Power Bank

Images: Re-Fuel.

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