There is the sun and there are fishes to be located, so why not put that angler must-have information right on a pair of sunglasses? Well, at least that’s what Echo Specs is proposing with Echo Specs Fish Finder Display Glasses. It kind of makes sense, since such concept has already existed for skiers, so why not one for anglers? What it does is, it pulls the data from your existing fish finder on your boat and wirelessly transmit them to Echo Specs, displaying the depth, fish location, water temperature and whatnot on the glasses. Think of it as a Head-up Display of sort for your fish finder, so you can get those critical information without being bound to one spot.

As a pair of eyewear, it will also reduce water glare and keep your windows of the soul from harmful UVs. The system comprises of two parts: the display-equipped eyewear and a wireless adapter for your fish finder. Though we are not sure if all Fish Finder will support this. Everything is still kind of vague at this point, but the folks behind Echo Specs has been prototyping the device since July 2014 and has even filed patent U.S. Patent Office.

This would-be product is on Kickstarter, but as you might have expected from a product lack of video, the response is anything but lukewarm. While it sounds like a dream come true for anglers, but also a little fishy due to the lack of sufficient information such as what if it were to be used at night and as mentioned, whether it will suit all make and model of Fish Finders. And the asking price is not cheap too. A pair will run you back at $450.

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