ArchPort flip flops has a secret storage to keep your stash

ArchPort Flip Flops 544x328px
ArchPort Flip Flops with Hidden Storage | US$54.95 |

one look at the image you will know exactly what the product is about. this pair of flip flops may not be able to let you make a call like Agent Maxwell Smart but it can certainly stash away cash, keys or whatever while you chill out in the swimming pool. however, one thing puzzles me. if there is a hollow in the flip flops, isn’t that going to take away some form of arch support? anyway, though it is a nice idea, but don’t expect this to protect your stash if the public pool you frequent has flip flop thieves. you know, they just want your flip flops but you might just be giving them a bonus or two. well, that’s just a thought. the ArchPort Flip Flops with Hidden Storage is available in either black or blue for both women and men, and cost $54.95 a pair.

ArchPort Flip Flops 544x311px

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  1. The ArchPort sandals have a nylon cavity to carry stuff that is shaped to the arch, to they actually do provide archport support – and the foot is completely sheilded from any of the flop flops contents. I have a paiir.

    1. that’s interesting. i am just concerned when it’s empty, the cavity will ‘sunken’. so i guess it won’t?

      1. No, it will not. It is VERY durable. I don’t even think it would break unless perhaps an elephant stepped on it. There is a little flex, but not much.

        1. elephant? that’s a good way to put it. hehehe. anyway, it’s really an excellent idea. we’ve always wonder where to put our keys when we hit the pool. perhaps this could be huge help.

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