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do you use your smartphone everywhere? such as in the car as a GPS device, in the kitchen or perhaps, on the a tripod for some iPhonegraphy? if so, you must have a slew of accessories to prop it up for the different locations. The Oona is here to solve this many accessories issue. it is the one stand that lets you place your smartphone on the windshield like any other GPS devices, place on your kitchen table to view those recipe or mount it to a tripod for your iPhonegraphy needs, and among the many others.
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the main body of this nifty gadget is crafted out from aircraft-grade aluminum topped with scratch resistant polish and comes with suction cups that enables it to be placed in a myriad of places. of course, your smartphone has to have a smooth back to maximize the potential of the suction cup. sounds like a product that will end all other products? perhaps it is. check out a short video intro and more images of this awesomely simple, yet wonderful product after the break.

The Oona has a pre-order price of $25 and are available via The Oona official website. according to the website, once if goes on full production, it will carry a retail price of $29.95. oh, and this was previously on Kickstarter too. ok, we missed this earlier but hey, there are just way too many cool stuff out there but then again, it is not too late to grab this at a discounted price now, isn’t it?

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