Depending on your profession or the role you play in your household, you may not need a stapler ever. But if you do, you have to agree that stapler is one of the stationery that is anything but eye-pleasing. As such, it is best that it is incognito. You know, like masquerading itself as cute little desk decorations like wooden elephants?

Wooden Elephant Stapler by SUCK UK

If you concur that a stapler needs to look better and also doubles as a cute desktop decor, then the Wooden Elephant Stapler by SUCK UK is for you. The Wooden Elephant Stapler by SUCK UK, which is available in two sizes: Mama and Baby, is also the first made to stand upright stapler.

As the product name implies, it is made of wood. And not just any wood; it is made from sustainably grown Beechwood.

Wooden Elephant Stapler by SUCK UK

Mama Wooden Elephant Stapler uses Standard Staples No.16 (24/6) and No.56 (26/6) while Baby Wooden Elephant Stapler uses Mini Staples No.10 (10/4mm).

Wooden Elephant Stapler is a product idea by Ste Smith with creatively made by SUCK UK.

Wooden Elephant Stapler by SUCK UK

It sells for US$30 for the small version (Baby Elephant) and US$48.75 for the large model (Mama Elephant). They are pricey for staplers. Then again, they are not just staplers, are they?

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Images: SUCK UK.

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