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What We Have Missed: Day 227, Week 33 Year 2014

Pioneer In-Car Receivers With Smartphone Integration Pioneers In-car Receivers for 2015 Gets Smartphone Integration
Pioneer has announced 9 CD receivers and a digital media receiver for 2015 – all boasting expanded smartphone integration via Bluetooth. features include BT Dual Device Connection, BT Music Library Browsing, Siri Eyes Free functionality, Android Media Transfer Protocol and more. from $90. LEARN MORE.

Goldgenie iPhone 6 Elite Gold Another Company Offering 24ct Gold iPhone 6 Even Before Official Launch
first it was Brikk, now its Goldgenie’s turn to offer the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 6 in all its 24ct gold glory. the firm claims it has “established special relationships with premium Apple resellers, and therefore is able to reserve a handful for those willing to drop the money. 50% deposit will be required. from £1,098.75. BUY.

Crave Vesper Sex Toy This Pendant Is Actually An Elegantly Crafted Sex Toy
part jewelry, part sex toy, the Vesper by San Francisco-based Crave is in fact a vibrator. naturally, i have no use of it, but no less awed by how far sex toy industry has come and never knew sex toy could be so, well, classy. it is of stainless construction and offers three speeds, plus pulsating effect. from $49. BUY. [via]
Carbon Touch Carbon Fiber Plier Stapler Behold! Carbon Fiber Has Arrived To Stapler. Yes. The Stationery.
honestly, i have no issue with everything going carbon fiber, even for toilet seat, but a stapler of carbon fiber? well, that’s kind of crossing the line. i prefer to use till spoil and throw, but with this $79 item, i won’t bear to do so. that’s a lot of money to pay even if it can pierce through 15 sheets at a time. BUY. [via]
Baby-shaped Pears Baby-shaped Pears Are So, Creepy and Adorable At The Same Time
so yes. these are real pears, grown in Suzhou, China. the farmers achieved the baby shape by growing the pear in clear plastic molds, which we were told you can buy it to have a go yourself. as the pears grow,they eventually results in these creepy and yet, rather adorable babies, i mean, fruits. LEARN MORE. [via]
Petly Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Minimalistic Automatic Pet Feeder For Pets Without the Frills
we have seen our fair share of pet feeders and this battery-powered Petly automatic food dispenser is perhaps the prettiest of the lot to date. perfect for those who hate frills and just need one that can schedule meal time for your dogs or cats – all without marring your beautiful home decor. 31,860 Yen. BUY. [via]

Bamboo Stationery Set by Yu Jian

uniformity is a quality that something most people love, but being conforming beings, we didn’t quite give the un-uniformed norm a thought. what if, your commonly used items such as stationery could be uniformed in design? awesome? we would think so. with that in mind, designer Yu Jian set out to design a truly aesthetically consistence stationery set dubbed as the Empty Bamboo Stationery Set. there are no technological innovations here, but giving commonly used office accessories such as tape dispenser, stapler, clip, pencil case, desk clock, and even USB flash drive and USB hub, a bamboo-clad makeover. together with the clever use of metal elements, the Bamboo Stationery Set will give your desk the dream-only uniformity to your desk – IF only your Mac or whatever computer you are using comes in this environmentally-friendly wood models too. Continue reading Bamboo Stationery Set by Yu Jian

Stampler lets you stamp a smiley and staple at the same time

SUCK UK Stampler 544x388px
(credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Stampler | £12.00 | www.suck.uk.com

i wonder if Suck UK will be submitting the word ‘Stampler’ to Webster dictionary or something. if you have a penchant for stationery, here’s a stapler that would probably put on smile on your face. from the folks who brought you the adorable old school pencil stylus, comes the stampler, a staple mashed up with a self-inking smiley stamp. so what you get here is a smiley with the words “have a nice day” around it, stamped on the paper along with the usual staple. cool? it’s going to change the way you stamp, or was it ‘it’s going change the way you staple”? either way, it is a gadget that injects some fun into the mundane chore of stapling. maybe. too bad we don’t have ‘curved’ staple because as we can see, the smiley isn’t really smiling.

images horizontal 544x38px

SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px