SUCK UK Candle Poise

SUCK UK Candle Poise Candle Holder
SUCK UK Candle Poise | £75.00 |

what if one day the world suffers from an irrecoverable power outage? kind of scary, doesn’t it? with this scenario in mind, it is good to stock up pile load of power-free light sources such as candles, so that we can go about our life when night falls. speaking of which, you probably won’t want to light the candles up just wherever so as to avoid potential fire hazard. going on without power is bad enough, so let’s not add fuel to the fire. shall we? what we need is a proper candle holder (especially for those who felt the insatiable need to read even when the light is out) like the Candle Poise Candle Holder from SUCK UK. the holder is attached to an articulated arm that can be adjusted to different height and location much like a traditional articulated lamp. thanks to its articulation, you can set the candle to almost any position that you feel comfortable with. the holder features an engineered tension that will maintain the chosen position without slopping, a weighted base ensures that it will not accidentally topple and a fixed neck keeps the candle level at any position, cos’ the last thing you want is to have your much needed light source starting a fire or dripping wax on you. the SUCK UK Candle Poise can be yours to own for £75 or about US$117, based on the current going rate. click through for a few larger views.

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