Carbon Revolution CR-9 Series

Carbon Revolution CR-9 Series
Carbon Revolution CR-9 Series | US$tba |

avid car enthusiasts have tried every means to reduce their car’s weight by cutting out unnecessary items while still making their ride looks sleek. one thing for sure is, the wheels deserves some attention in this weight loss endeavor too because they could improve the vehicle’s performance by a lot if they are a whole lot lighter than they should be. no. as of now, we still can’t do without wheels but what if we could make it very much lighter and still have the added rigidity and strength? that, my friend, will be something truly phenomena and nothing short of a huge leap for the automotive industry. which prompts us to put the spotlight on Carbon Revolution CR9 Series wheels. so what makes the CR9 so special? first off, they are completely crafted from a single piece of carbon fiber material, which to a superficial boy racer, they are good enough reason for his beloved ride to be wearing them but to a true performance junkie, the results are obvious: they weigh 40% to 50% lighter then the typical premium aluminum OEM wheels, which translates to improve acceleration, braking, handling and most importantly, a leap in fuel efficiency. honestly, the 9-spoke design is nothing to shout about if not for its recognizable carbon fiber pattern – a telltale sign that this isn’t your ordinary wheel. though we love how it look, it is how such light and strong performance wheels have to offer that draws us to it. now that the technology is available to make this ultra-light wheel rolling stocks a reality, we should be seeing them in the market in near future. as to how much it will cost, your guess is as good as ours but you can be assured that it won’t come cheap, at least for the start. hit past the jump for a few more closer look.

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