This Incredible Invention Will Turn A 2WD Car Into An AWD Hybrid Car

Love the idea of hybrid vehicles, but disappointed that your favorite ride does not have that option? Fret not my friends because, there is the Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel. Not only will this revolutionary add-on electric drive will turn your gas guzzler into a hybrid, it will turn it into an all-wheel drive automobile. I know. […]

This New Kind Of Wheel Can Transform From Round Wheel Into A Track In 2s

If you have been following military developments, you would probably know that the military is totally obsessed with tires that could deal with both flat and unforgiving terrains, such as those muddied ground. Until a few years ago, the solutions to this nagging problem was either this or that. So anyways, the present solution was […]

Carbon Revolution CR-9 Series

avid car enthusiasts have tried every means to reduce their car’s weight by cutting out unnecessary items while still making their ride looks sleek. one thing for sure is, the wheels deserves some attention in this weight loss endeavor too because they could improve the vehicle’s performance by a lot…