Love the idea of hybrid vehicles, but disappointed that your favorite ride does not have that option? Fret not my friends because, there is the Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel. Not only will this revolutionary add-on electric drive will turn your gas guzzler into a hybrid, it will turn it into an all-wheel drive automobile. I know. It does sound a little too good to be true, but rest assure it is not. Orbis is real and it will forever change automobile industry.

Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel

Without going too much into the technical bits, Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel system is basically a hub motor that retrofits into your ride’s non-driving wheels, be it front or rear. With Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel, you will be adding anything from 50-100 horses to your car and you will be doing so without drivetrain loss, no transfer case, and no differentials or driveshafts. Moreover, with it, you are getting all the features a hybrid has to offer, including regenerative braking, battery charging and obviously, improved performance. And oh, like a factory hybrid, it can run fully electric too.

Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel

During this year’s SEMA, Orbis brought along a Honda Civic Type R outfitted with this system which gives it additional 75 horses on each of two once-non-driving wheels and turning it into a 4WD car in the process. Mind you, all these are from what essentially are bolt-on systems. The only caveat I see is, the two stock wheels involved will have to be replaced. Notwithstanding this small inconvenience, Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel is set to revolutionize the industry.

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Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel

Here, have a look at a video interview of Orbis’ CEO by Street FX Motorsport to learn more. I promised you that this product is going to blow your mind. After which, you may want to catch the Orbis Honda Type R Road Tests video too.

Images: Orbis/Drivetribe.

Source: Drivetribe.

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