FIAT World’s First Metaverse-powered Dealership

Wherever I see news on metaverse, the same question pops up in my mind: is metaverse really the future? But never mind what I think because it looks like businesses are embracing it whole. From H. Moser to Hublot to Lamborghini, Metaverse has become their new playground. And now, FIAT further breaks new ground by becoming the world’s first automaker to open a, believe it or not, a Metaverse-powered dealership.

And no. It isn’t a joke. You can now hit up FIAT Metaverse Store, as it is called, and get the full digital experience of discovering the 500 La Prima by Bocelli, configuring, and even buying your next car for the real world. The store is set to feature the entire 500 line-ups by the end of 2022, with additional models and markets to follow in early 2023.

Absolutely insane concept, IMHO. More so if you find out that this, developed in collaboration with Touchcast and Microsoft, does not require a VR headset to access, nor do you need avatars or specialized hardware. Wait a minute. Isn’t that just a website? Even the tech of transporting you “inside” a FIAT isn’t new. If anyone here was old enough to know, it was all the rage even before VR was a thing.

Anyhoo, it is a thing if you wish, you can hit up the FIAT Metaverse Store as we speak.

Image: FIAT [IT].