This image may very well be interpreted as someone who’s consuming red wine in the state of drunkard stupor. On contrary, she couldn’t be more sober then you and me (possibly). This particular wine glass, aptly called Upside Down Wine Glass, is for those who “dare to be different,” or in other words, for any wine lovers who see themselves as non-conformists, or basically, for novelty sake. Retailed by Red5, whom brought you similar quirky stuff like the Lasso Wine Bottle Holder, this novelty wine glass looks no different from any wine glasses when it is empty. But on closer observation, you will realized that the usual glass rim is actually sealed off, while the base is where you sip your favorite fermented grapes drink.

Upside Down Wine Glass

Wait. We correct our ourselves. It should be both novel and fun, cos’ now you can ‘magically’ prevent wine from spilling when when turning the glass over, or better yet, you can scare the shit out of your host by pretending to pour the wine over his or her expensive Persian rug. Now, that’s nasty, ain’t it? The glass is crafted from soda-lime glass and holds around 375 ml of liquid, and also, it can only be hand wash. Well, we just thought you should know about the hand wash requirement cos’ not every one is fond of getting their hands wet after drinking.

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At the time of this writing, this £6.95 (around US$10) novelty glass is out of stock. So, if you are keen, you may have to hang on a bit to get your hands on one.

Upside Down Wine Glass

Red5 via Eater

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