Motorcyclists yearning to unleash the feline side of themselves can certainly look to Neko Motorcycle Helmets. Created by Russian Nitrinos motostudio, these full-face helmets look like any regular full-face helmets, but with a pair of feline-inspired ears atop. Dubbed Neko Motorcycle Helmets, the addition of the fiberglass cat ears make the helmet looks very cat-ish, however, if ears just aren’t enough to satisfy the feline you, you can opt for one with full-on custom paint job that turns the entire helmet to look like an actual cat or cheetah head.

Neko Helmets by Nitrinos motostudio

When we said ‘full-on’, we do mean ‘full-on’ and that includes the visor sporting the cat’s eyes (see above). We assuming that perforated decals are being used on the visors to enable the wearer an unobstructed view, but on the outside, what others see will be a person with a cat head riding a bike. Nitrous motostudio said that it can also custom any pattern as you desire – all you have to do is to detail your request in the form when ordering.

However, if cat isn’t your thing, there are also options for a Predator helmet in the likeness of the fictional extraterrestrial species called Yautja ($750+), as well as a Spartan-inspired variety ($655+) – complete with the requisite ‘brush’ on top of the helmet. As far as the Neko Helmets are concerned, prices range from $495-$590 for the plain and colored models, and $660 for the ones with custom pattern (also known as aerography).

Nitrinos motostudio HS-15 Helmets

Nitrinos motostudio Predator Helmets

Neko Helmets by Nitrinos motostudio

Neko Helmets by Nitrinos motostudio

Nitrinos motostudio via Chip Chick

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